How I wrote this essay in 8 minutes

1) Time pressure works wonders

I’m writing this with my iPhone laying on the desk with a countdown on it. I know I’m going to feel bad if I were to fail this challenge. I can’t really explain why, but my fingers are moving by themselves right now. If you want to work swiftly, create urgency.

2) Get rid of your perfectionism

Observing how quickly I’m able to write this essay, I once again realize how big of a problem perfectionism is. I’ve written almost 200 words within 5 minutes now, which I honestly didn’t think was possible. It pains to not filter my thoughts and edit my sentences to my usual concise language, but at the same time, its fun.

3) Remember quantity > quality

If I wouldn’t write this essay today, I would lose my writing streak, and risk to lose my motivation to keep on shipping this month. In other words, the opportunity costs would be huge.



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Nils Liedlich

Nils Liedlich

18 y/o learner. I aspire to become a top 1% writer by delivering you actionable content around personal and commercial growth.