Digital writers: why consistency is the most important factor for success, explained

Nils Liedlich
1 min readApr 6, 2022

Be consistent.

Likely, that’s the most common advice I’ve come across the last year on Twitter. While it may sound straightforward, I see value in explaining why it really matters.

Why is being consistent so important?

Being consistent is important for increasing our odds of success.

We drastically underestimate how much of a role luck plays for success due to survivorship bias.

The survivorship bias means we only get to see the winners. It can easily lead to fallacies. For instance, every successful person I’ve heard of says hard work is required for success.

Some people like to interpret this as if working hard is guaranteed to make you successful at some point. But no. No outcome is 100% guaranteed. What these people are missing is how many people who worked hard, yet failed — sometimes just due to bad luck.

In almost all instances, there is a small detail which, if it would have been different, could have entirely changed the outcome.

And because luck plays a larger role than we think — and because no outcome is 100% guaranteed — we have to increase our odds of success.

How can we do it?

By increasing quantity. With enough tries, sometime we’ll get lucky. Write everyday. Publish everyday. Get out of your comfort zone everyday. Eventually, you’re (almost) bound to get lucky.

So, keep on trying!

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